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ZTE Axon Pro is now on sale in the US via various online retailers priced $450 SIM lock free

ByinPhones Without Contract | August 2, 2015

Axon Pro
Remember the ZTE Axon Pro? Introduced in July, the phone is now on sale in the States. Labeled with a price tag of $450 this high-end phone is available SIM lock free and without contract via various online retailers, including Amazon, Newegg and eBay. Its buyers may pick among three color options: silver, gold and blue. If you’re looking for a phone with killer specs and a respectable pricing, the ZTE’s newest flagship smartphone should be on your radar.

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Microsoft Lumia 640 is now on sale via AT&T GoPhone prepaid service

ByinPhones Without Contract | July 27, 2015

Go Phone Lumia 640
Last month AT&T started to sell the Microsoft’s Lumia 640 XL, today the carrier’s line-up gained another offering, the Lumia 640. Being a smaller brother of the 5.7-inch phablet, the more compact Lumia 640 comes with LTE connectivity, Cortana and Windows Phone 8.1 out of box. The phone is already available via AT&T GoPhone prepaid service labeled with a price tag of $79.99. After Metro PCS and T-Mobile, AT&T is third US carrier that added the Lumia 640 to its offer.

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ZTE Axon is coming to the US with super-quick focus camera, high-end video camcorder and Hi-Fi audio recorder

ByinPhones Without Contract | July 15, 2015

ZTE Axon Phone
Making another big step in conquering hearts of the North America customers, yesterday during the NYC press conference, ZTE introduced a new premium-class smartphone targeting at the States. Called the ZTE Axon the handset offers its future users cameras for super-quick focus, high-end video capture and Hi-Fi audio recording. Already available for pre-order this unlocked contract-free phone is scheduled to be shipped on July 27th.

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Unlocked Blu Life One Dual-SIM phone pre-sale begins today at price $99 without contract

ByinPhones Without Contract | July 13, 2015

Blu Life One (2015) | Cheap Phones
Known for delivering devices with respectable specs at really competitive price, BLU becomes more reputable and recognizable brand in the mobile market. To keep on with the trend, the Miami-based manufacturer started to sell the nicely-specced Blu Life One Dual-SIM smartphone introduced in June 2015. Pre-sale on the unlocked phone begins today and can be yours as little as just $99 without contract with shipping scheduled on July 17th.

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Unlocked Xperia Z3+ compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile is now available for purchase in the US

ByinPhones Without Contract | July 7, 2015

Xperia Z3 +
All those of you who started to doubt that the Sony Xperia Z3+ would ever be available on the US market can now heave a sigh of relief. After weeks of nervous awaiting the update to the Xperia Z3 hits the US shore. You can purchase the unlocked version of the phone via Amazon in four color options with its price starting from $645 without any long term contracts.

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Unlocked Lumia 535 is now on sale in the US for $149 without contract

ByinPhones Without Contract | June 4, 2015

Lumia 535
If you are in the market for a new Windows Phone handset and don’t have too much money to spare, we have great news for you. The Lumia 535 is now on sale in the US through Microsoft Store and boy is affordable. The phone cost just $149 and is available unlocked and without contract. Microsoft also throws in free shipping and free returns in case that device won’t meet your expectations.

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Unlocked Huawei P8 Lite is now on sale in the US via third party retail stores

ByinPhones Without Contract | June 3, 2015

Huawei P8 Lite
Two months ago Huawei unveiled its latest flagship, the P8, that debuted accompanied by its bigger phablet sibling, the P8 Max. Today the manufacturer added another device to the P8 line-up, the Huawei P8 Lite. Being the most compact of the all three phones, the P8 Lite comes as an affordable and hence slightly trimmed down alternative to the P8. The unlocked phone compatible with any GSM carrier, such as AT&T or T-Mobile, is now on sale in the US via third party retail stores.

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BLU intros Studio C, an unlocked Android phone with 3,000 mAh battery for 99 bucks

ByinNew Phones, Phones Without Contract | May 21, 2015

Studio C Phone

BLU Products, the US based company that specialize in delivering high-quality devices for cheap, added today a new phone to their line-up, meet the BLU Studio C. Featuring pretty powerful specs as for a budget device, the phone comes unlocked with a 3,000 mAh battery and Android 5.0 Lollipop. It appears to be a really competitive offering, especially when we consider its extremely low price tag of 99 bucks.

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Unlocked Asus Zenfone 2 is now on sale in the US via third-party retailers

ByinPhones Without Contract | May 19, 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 Phones
We don’t see many Asus phones in this part of the world. It seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer prefers other markets and as a result US customers have very limited choice when it comes Asus-made handsets. To be more exact, the company sold only two smartphones in the US in the past – the Padfone X and Padfone X Mini. Starting today, however, a third device is joining the team. Called Asus Zenfone 2, the unlocked phone is now on sale in the US via third-party retailers.

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T-Mobile Lumia 435 with Dual-SIM support is now on sale for cheap via Microsoft online store

ByinPhones Without Contract | May 5, 2015

Dual Sim Lumia 435Debuting in January 2015 the Microsoft Lumia 435 now becomes available for purchase in the US. Dressed in white the T-Mobile version of this extremely cheap phone recently joined the Microsoft online store list of offerings. Featuring a dual-SIM support the Lumia 435 is now within your reach for $70 with no long-term contract commitment.

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Unlocked BLU Win HD LTE Windows Phone is now on sale through Microsoft online store

ByinPhones Without Contract | April 14, 2015

BLU Win HD LTEAlthough based here in the US, BLU Products is not the most popular company in its home market. And it’s a shame really, since the manufacturer makes some pretty decent devices and, what’s also very important, sells them at affordable prices. The majority of BLU phones are Android-powered handsets, however, the company also has a few Windows Phones in its offer, such as the new BLU Win HD LTE. The phone is now on sale through Microsoft online store in unlocked flavor.

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Unlocked Huawei SnapTo Android smartphone is now available for pre-order in the US

ByinPhones Without Contract | April 10, 2015

Huawei PhoneSpotted at Amazon few days ago, the SnapTo Android smartphone has been quietly introduced to the world by Huawei. Build to be a serious competitor to the Motorola’s Moto G in terms of price sector as well as hardware parameters, the new Huawei phone now becomes available for pre-order in the US priced $179 without contract. Accessible exclusively via Amazon online shopping platform, the unlocked version of this entry-level handset is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile’s LTE networks.

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5.5-inch ZTE Blade S6 Plus phablet goes official and is now on sale unlocked with $30 discount

ByinAnnouncements, Phones Without Contract | April 7, 2015

Blade S6 Plus PhabletIntroduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the ZTE Blade S6 has been coupled today with a bigger variant, the ZTE Blade S6 Plus. Carrying a 5.5-inch screen the Blade S6 Plus is definitely a nice budget-friendly offering for all those users who prefer oversized, phablet-like handsets. Both, the Blade S6 and S6 Plus have been announced to hit the international market with eBay being its exclusive distributor. Priced $249.99 or $299.99 the unlocked phones are already available in the US and Europe.

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AT&T and Verizon HTC One M7 on sale for just $149.99 without contract

ByinPhones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | February 4, 2015

Best BuyIf you’re a HTC fan looking for a sub-$150 deal on a nice smartphone, you’re in the right place. Just several weeks ago we reported on a special Best Buy offer cutting the regular price of the HTC One M7 to $199 off-contract. If that was a great offer, what would you say if we told you that the retailer is now selling the phone even cheaper? Today, Best Buy started to offer the AT&T and Verizon HTC One M7 for as little as $149.99 without contract. Any takers?

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Refurbished iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones are available with deep discounts

ByinPhones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | January 25, 2015

WalmartOn the market for the latest Apple iPhone 6 or the larger iPhone 6 Plus, but their off-contract pricing is a bit discouraging? Perhaps you would like to consider buying a certified refurbished model. If so, then the recent Walmart offer should be on you radar. One of the nation major retailers is now selling refurbished iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones with deep discounts including free shipping. If you feel like the offer may be worth your attention, let’s check its ins and outs.

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Unlocked Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 are now available for purchase in the US

ByinPhones Without Contract | December 30, 2014

Galaxy A5 Late in October, Samsung released two metal-banded smartphones, the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3. Both handsets are decent mid-rangers, so far however, unavailable in the US. But if you’re waiting for the phone to hit the US shore to put your hands on it, you will definitely glad to hear that you don’t have to wait for it any longer. Just right now, the phones are officially introduced to the US market as the Expansys USA offer, labeled with price tags of $409.99 for unlocked Galaxy A5 and $329.99 for Galaxy A3.

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BLU Products introduced a line of three new phones called the Studio LTE Series

ByinNew Phones, Phones Without Contract | December 27, 2014

BLU Studio 5.0 LTEPerhaps BLU isn’t such a recognizable mobile phone brand as giant Samsung or Apple, but the American smartphone manufacturer is gradually gaining ground offering their customers extremely affordable unlocked phones. Just a week ago we reported on the release of the BLU Studio 7.0, and right now the company adds three more handsets to their lineup called the Studio LTE Series. We’re talking about the BLU Studio 6.0 LTE, Studio 5.0 HD LTE and Studio Mini LTE, all available to buy unlocked and without contract.

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BLU launches 7-inch phone for cheap, meet the new BLU Studio 7.0 priced only $149 off contract

ByinAnnouncements, Phones Without Contract | December 19, 2014

Studio 7.0 PhoneMobile manufacturers seem to push the limits of how big a mobile device can be to be still considered a smartphone. We’ve already witnessed devices like the 5.96-inch Nexus 6 and 6.44-inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra debuting on the market. And if you consider them colossal, what would you say about the sporting 7-inch phone for cheap, and to be more specific – the BLU Studio 7.0 priced $149 off contract? This budget-friendly device is simultaneously the biggest smartphone and the smallest tablet currently available on the market, combining entry-level specs and low price tag. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to carry two separate devices, one for phone calls, other for surfing the net.

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Holiday Buyer’s Guide: 5 Hot Phones for Christmas without contract that won’t cost a fortune

ByinPhones Without Contract, Tips & Guides | November 29, 2014

Affordable phones for gift
Still don’t know what to buy for a Christmas gift? Perhaps a smartphone will be a good idea? But, even if we decide to get one, which one to choose? Since the smartphone industry is a rapidly developing business, and today even midrangers come equipped with fast processors, powerful cameras and a 1080p display became something of a standard, the choice is so big that it is hard to pick the right one. In order to help you make a smart decision, we create the list of 5 hot phones for Christmas without contract that will make you loved one happy and won’t cost a fortune.

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LG Transpyre for Verizon pre-paid service is now for sale at $99.99 without any contract

ByinNew Phones, Phones Without Contract | November 24, 2014

LG TranspyreSome phones, especially premium ones, go official with fanfare. Others usually don’t generate so much interest, unless they have something special to offer, for example decent specs with LTE connectivity at affordable price. Where you can find such combination? In the LG F60 which was announced back in October. The phone is now for sale as LG Transpyre for Verizon pre-paid service for $99.99 without any contract . It’s a special offer for Verizon pre-paid customers – others will have to pay $199.99 to buy the device.

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